Video conferences with telemedicine


With the adaptable video conferencing solution BlueVision, all disciplines can work together online. From the doctor, the therapist through to radiologists. So together, for example, important steps for the recovery of cancer patients can be discussed.

The image data from other imaging modalities such as MRI, CT or X-ray are collected in the PACS and displayed in the current video conference on the monitors.

Leaving workplace for the conference is eliminated, such as the journey to another hospital. Video conferencing can be called directl, prior reservation is not required.

Secure patient data

Our video conferencing software uses the Internet as a transmission medium. For use, the participants have to install the BlueVision software or app on their device. By strictly necessary installation, insecure connections are impossible and also a bypass the firewall is not possible, so there will be no security problems and you have full control over the data flow.

The main application is running on a central server. You can either according to the secure data center VIVICOM in Bremen, Germany, or you run the solution on a pre-existing server in your own data center.

The transmission of video conferencing is encrypted with 256 bit, so an interception of data is excluded.


E.g.: tumor conferences

There are many areas of application in which BlueVision can be used in the telemedicine sector. For example, in tumor conferences work experts from various disciplines hand in hand with each other, even over long distances. Oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists or other experts meet in virtual meeting room to work on recommendations for the diagnosis and develop treatment of patients.

The patient records or X-ray images can be exchanged. The patient benefits as well as the doctors from various disciplines. The data obtained will be forwarded directly to the further treating physicians.

Benefits of using

  • Duplicate examinations are avoided, for example, the patient must be x-rayed once.
  • Rare diseases can be treated accordingly in comparatively small clinics.
  • Through the telemedicine, long trips for patients and physicians are reduced.
  • Faster diagnosis in acute emergencies.
  • A second opinion in complex cases is readily available.
  • Ability of the patient even in rural area to let the vital signs by a doctor.
  • Optimal data exchange through expert.
  • Better treatment by spatially distant specialists.

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