Video conferencing as a universal solution

Whether business negotiation, sales meetings, presentations, online training, e-learning, telemedicine and streaming of events: For video confereces over the Internet, there is no need for complex and expensive equipment. This proves Blue Vision. Secure, fast, easy and with best audio and video quality connects our video conferencing software people all over the world and allows using whiteboard, integrated web browser, video views, desktop and application sharing, film transfer, streaming, Messenger, or file sharing to work effectively together.

Online-meeting and teamwork

BlueVision can handle videoconferences with up to 49 participants sumultaneously with an excellent video- and audio quality.
You also have many tools to make video conferencing to a useful alternative for traditional meetings and conference calls.
Whether spontaneous ad hoc video conferencing, the weekly meeting of the branch offices, editorial meetings or online meetings from different locations. Blue Vision is suitable for all scenarios, either to accelerate project work or for speed up the decision-making process.

Webinars und e-learning

With the integrated whiteboard, documentsharing, and the high number of participants, e-learning events with Blue Vision can hold up simple and flexible. E.g. you cann see all participants on the first screen and use the second screen to display documents and to work togehther with the whiteboard. To train staff and for the transfer of knowledge, videoconferences are the perfect solution.
Run ad hoc online trainings to avoid mistakes in your team and to mediate know-how in your company.


There are serveral cases in the telemedicine where BlueVision can be used succesfully. For example tumor conferences: many doctors and experts from different disciplines can work online hand-in-hand on patient-files. Oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists or other experts meet to work together on recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Events and shows

Especially for companies with multiple locations, not all employees can always be on the same place to meet. Use BlueVision for stream events for those who cant be physically on your event.
For e.g. the annual main event can be shown at the branch offices or may be viewed by employees on-the-go on their tablets.
Take the opportunity to present your services worldwie across locations in online events.

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