Interactive videoconferencing

Vivicom BlueVision offers u a lot tools and functions for collaborative work and videoconferencing: a Whiteboard, integrated Webbrowser, variable layouts, desktop-sharin, chat and more. With BlueVision, videoconferences over theinternet are with one click avaible. That reduces required time for meetings and will bring your team more efficiency.

Device control: Enable / disable webcam, microphone and speakers. And adjust volume on your headset and speakers.
Switch between the videoconference layout, whiteboard, web browser, file sharing, desktop sharing or show a second video source
Open documents or files to present them in the online-meeting. Recording: Start recording the ongoing conference. Notification: Make an announcement.
Layout: Switch between the different video views - depending on the number of participants.
Whiteboard/documents: Here you can find all uploaded documents in the conference, you can save them on your pc, upload and show new ones in the conference.
Participants: Invite new participants, manage the permissions or remove participants from the conference
Messages/Notifications: See recent messages and notifications of the conference. You can also see the public chat messages and participants can send their own messages.
Main area: In the main area, which is spread over almost the entire screen, you will see the other participants, shared documents, such as the web browser or the whiteboard.

Teamwork in realtime

Blue Vision allows u a quick and effective collaboration over the Internet. Present documents via the integrated whiteboard, exchange files and notes or look at websites.
If necessary, you can release your desktop for other participants, or share your computer for remote support for an administrator.


Another advantage over the "classic videoconference rooms" is the quick and inexpensive availability on almost all devices. You stay flexible and can use video conferences that way you want and need them. Whether on the beamer in the conference room, the laptop at work or on the go with your tablet - feel free about the choice of hardware.

Communication platform
with skill and knowledge

With Blue Vision even the administration of videoconferencing is covered. From planning a video conference, Agenda, auto inviting participants and upload documents bluevision will help you to organise your online-meeting. Even the follow-up is easy with functions such as notes, videoconference-recording, log and statistics.
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