High quality videoconference with individual adjustments

It does not necessarily have to be an international conference or overseas customer negotiations. It can also be for the daily morning branch manager meeting, or coordination between development office managers and headquarters or production sites. Meetings per video conference are now standard practice in normal business life; however, they do have many limitations.

In standard systems the performance capacity of audio and image transmission, number of participants, functional scope, flexibility and security are often confining factors for many users. The possibilities available for individual conference design are frequently limited. This is where Vivicom comes into strength. It offers stable, secure and universally applicable solutions with clear images, brilliant colours and excellent audio quality.

Custom made video conference services can be installed on your own server with Vivicom BlueVision Server or they can be made available on the cloud via BlueVison Cloud. Depending on if configured as a workplace and/or room solution, up to 49 people including whiteboards can simultaneously see, speak and collaborate with each other at one time. In real time. An additional advantage: Vivicom provides personal customer service with direct contact to our in-house specialists.

Secure online-meetings

All connections between clients and the conference server are 128 Bit encrypted. Redundancy servers with load balancing are connected to high-speed networks and are ready and available for worldwide video conferences.

Additional characteristics: password protected conferences and predefined authorisation profiles. Our standard white paper on security is available on request or alternatively we can create a security concept extra for your specific needs.



The modular nature of the video conference system allows individual service packages to be put together and seamless integration into company networks. It is based on the Vivicom BlueVision server and can be adapted to the profile requirements of each individual customer at minimal expense.


Universal videoconferencing

Vivicom BlueVision video conferencing can be used universally for meetings on smart phones, tablets, and PC’s and for conferences and group work at larger meetings. Intelligent telepresence conference room solutions for small meetings and seminars, for teleconferences between operating theatres or for development offices and for staff meetings held between remote branch locations or for the transmission of events.

BlueVision videoconference software have an extensive performance range. In addition, it can offer individual design solutions according to the needs of individual companies and institutions of all sizes and in all fields. A tool for professional internet communication, which is high quality, secure and user-friendly, supports numerous interactive business processes and guarantees comprehensive application.


Individual video-conferences

The graphic interface of the video conference system can be adapted according to your requirements to the corporate design of your company. Different functions can be set or different functions or images can be authorised individually for each department, interlocutor or „tenant“.

This can be done simply via an internet connection and a few mouse clicks in the administrative section or backend of the video conferencing software. Further settings can be made and altered if necessary and with the support of our service technicians. This is all possible as part of the standard range of functions, Vivicom has to offer. We are also always pleased to implement any special requirements, which you may have.


Mobile online meetings

Mobile BlueVision video-conferencing Apps are available for iOS and android so video conferences can also be held from tablet PCs and smart phones. The video images can be obtained via the mobile end devices and tools such as the whiteboard can be used. With this for example, documents, pictures and videos can be included and transmitted via mobiles in the conference.


Alongside normal handling, the clear operating windows and individual service provided make Vivicom videoconferencing software more advantageous. It is possible to integrate a technology moderator to control cameras, microphones, and data flow so conference participants can concentrate fully on their meeting.

The moderator has remote control for example of the microphone sensitivity on the end devices of conference participants. They can move cameras and choose conference images simply with a mouse click. With poor internet connectivity, they can regulate the frame rate of each individual conference participant. In addition to that, the moderator can also release documents, authorise speakers, and designate authority with a mouse click. In short, with the aid of various instruments, the Moderator can regulate and control the technical proceedings of a conference. BlueVision makes videoconferencing easy to use.




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