Video conferencing on your own server

Enterprise Security is a top priority. By increasing threats on the Internet, it is increasingly important to protect yourself. Whether from outside attacks or the protection of internal company documents. A far-reaching safety cover is therefore extremely important. Professional video conferences offer a particularly decisive advantage, they are especially secure, auditable and by installing Blue Vision on your own server, you always have complete control.

We offer a software-based video conferencing server for seamless integration into your IT infrastructure. This gives you the highest level of security and control over all data transfers and all the functions of video conferencing solution

The use of
BlueVision Server

Vivicom BlueVision Server is a powerful and high quality software for video conferencing and online meetings that can easily be installed on the existing server of your business and allows you to therefore a constant availability. In contrast to peer-to-peer video conferencing solutions, BlueVision runs on a central server in your desired infrastructure.

Especially companies with multiple locations, will love the possibilities of online meetings. Any person who installed the client on your computer and obtain permission from the conference organizer can connect to your server.

We can also offer specially adapted to your CI solutions.

Videokonferenz auf Ihrem Server
Sicherheit bei Videokonferenzen

Safe Online-meetings

Our software does not pass through your firewall, as other solutions. So you don't need to worry about corporate data that comes illegally to strangers. BlueVision have to be enabled by the Admin and assigned a port. Your safety and the company's is guaranteed. All compounds can be logged and read out as needed.

These features make video conferences with our Blue Vision server more secure than any other software or teleconference.

Comprehensive features for your video conference

In addition to functions such as Whiteboard, participant administration, application and desktop sharing, which are integrated into all our solutions, Blue Vision Server provides a little more.
For example, conferences can also be recorded directly on the server and made available for everyone.
Also provides extensive administration tools, such as comprehensive statistics or the participant administration.

Becaus of the enormously powerful compression technology and the lack of peer-to-peer connections, BlueVision server can manage video conferences with up to 49 people - even at low bandwidths.
Blue Vision Server makes video communication over the Internet easy and secure.

  • Extensive settings
  • HD-video and audio
  • automatic installation
  • Server-side records
  • Connecting proofs
  • Loadbalancing
  • Conference management
  • Full function control
  • Installation on your server
  • Optional maintenance contract



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