BlueVision video conference server


We offer our video conferencing software BlueVision as an installation on your existing company's server.
In this case, all the software will be installed in your the company network and gives you full control of the data stream and all settings. With the powerful compression technology our software uses, it can handle video conferences with up to 49 participants at the same time.

Vivicom Blue Vision Server is a powerful and high quality software for video conferencing and online meetings that can be installed on your own server.

Cloud video conferencing platform

Our cloud-version is the perfect solution for businesses that need a secure video conferencing without dedicated server. Due to the safe location of the server located in Bremen, Germany and the continuous encryption of the connection, your data is is always protected.

At the same time, you benefit from extremely low maintenance and fast availability.
With Blue Vision in the cloud your video will be meetings more effective, efficient and vibrant.
And best: you only focus on what matters most - your video conference. The technology we provide for you.


BlueVision basic - online Community


For video conferencing with up to 2 participants we offer the basic version of Blue Vision free of charge. You share a virtual conference room with other participantsbut of course, you can protect your conference with a password.

By the way we guarantee: no ads, no transmission of data and no annoying emails but a secure online meeting with all functions. In return, feel always free to give feedback and your suggestions for improvement.




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